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Rileystreet Classes

Several times a year Christine gives classes in Asian calligraphy at Rileystreet art supply in Santa Rosa and San Rafael, CA.  For a list of times and places, CLICK HERE.

                  About Christine

An educator by profession, Christine Renden Haggarty, took her first calligraphy class in 1995 with Kazuaki Tanahashi and that made...

Artwork Archive

Here is artwork that was previously featured in the artwork section.  To see the archive CLICK HERE.


  Along with the stunning photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 50th birthday celebration, her photography shows her love of nature and attention to the smallest aspects.  Her travels can be viewed as photographs or a slide show.  To see more photography CLICK HERE.

  A World Without Armies

What a concept!!!  Since 1792 a Department of Peace has been proposed for the USA, but never established.  AWWA is a nonprofit peace organization founded by Kazuaki Tanahashi, based on Costa Rica’s demilitarization.  He travels the world doing benefit fund raisers to bring worldwide awareness to the possibility of a world without armies.

To visit  A World Without Armies website CLICK HERE.

                                    July 2010

Kazuaki Tanahashi, Sensei speaking at the “Share Your Passion” benefit for A World Without Armies. 

Christine working on bamboo.


The artwork ranges from traditional Buddhist ideas, to abstract images, calligraphy in gold leaf, Zen koan books as sculpture and more.  To view more CLICK HERE.

  Welcome to the zenbrush website!

Featuring : classes and workshops in calligraphy

Art : Christine Renden Haggarty

Zen Brush Workshop

Once a year Kazuaki Tanahashi comes to Forestville, CA to give a two day workshop in Asian calligraphy.  The workshop for 2015 will be September 19 & 20th.  For information and registration  CLICK HERE

Classes and Workshops

Some participants of the intensive 2014

Calligraphy Intensive

with Kazuaki Tanahashi

Set for March 9-15, 2015, this week of calligraphy will go beyond your current experience in calligraphy .  For more information CLICK HERE.

Calligraphy Demonstration

Rileystreet Santa Rosa

Eight Fold Path

Ink on silk


Zen Brush Workshop 2014

East/West Calligraphy Workshop

with Monica Dengo and

Kazuaki Tanahashi

November 4-11, 2014

Venice, Italy is the setting for this truly unique fusion of calligraphic traditions guaranteed to inspire anyone from either tradition.  For more information CLICK HERE

Monica Dengo

Kazuaki Tanahashi

•Whatever your practice, the important point is this life that you are living and how to take care of it.

•This so-called realization or enlightenment is not something that you add to yourself; it is not something outside your life. It already is your life.

Appreciate Your Life

Taizan Maesumi Roshi

P. Turning Point - 24K gold leaf acrylic on canvas